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Modern-day finance has gone through a massive transformation over the past ten years with the introduction of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and the establishment of the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Most of the financial sector continues to rely on intermediaries like banks and payment processors to hold, lend, or borrow funds. The centralized financial (CeFi) institutions mitigate some of the issues with traditional lending/borrowing, although the need for transparent, fully-decentralized lending/receiving operations is still unsolved.

DeFi ecosystem allows the creation of open-source protocols that anyone can audit and improve. The majority of the projects run on the Ethereum blockchain and allow the built dApps (decentralized applications) to provide the highest privacy levels whilst enabling the completion of all relevant operations quickly and securely.

Speaking of privacy, DeFi protocols distribute data across a wide number of nodes, rather than concentrating on a single entity. There are also very simple or no KYC procedures at all.

Holdefi Explained

Holdefi is a state-of-the-art lending platform, allowing users to hold their crypto assets for an interest rate, or lend cryptocurrencies that can be repaid at a later date. Holdefi uses a new borrowing mechanism that adjusts to the selected cryptocurrency market. It helps determine the interest rates and gives borrowers the best possible and more stable return rate than other platforms.

One of the major benefits that centralized exchanges and lending platforms