Join the Best Innovative DeFi Project: Massive Bonus on YFE Token Pre-Sale – Explica

The last two years have shown a sharp increase in the popularity of decentralized finance. And that’s not surprising, because it gives people a lot of benefits, from the ability to make transfers without a bank account, to the lack of a centralized third party.

Up to 1.7 billion people do not have access to financial services, bank transaction fees are incredibly high, and your privacy is far from ideal. Not to mention the ease with which centralized entities can cancel your transactions or even block your bank account – without any explanation.

Therefore, DeFi is a much better solution for businesses and individuals. And if you don’t know which services to choose to join this movement, we have a suggestion – Earn Finance.

What is Earn Finance?

Earn finance Finance is an innovative new DeFi project that came into being by enhancing the functionality of Yearn Finance (YFI), with the aim of providing users with reliable returns on their assets.

The platform was built with the Ethereum protocol. It is a known platform. It increases the annual percentage returns (APY) of cryptos deposited in the DeFi system. In addition, it offers users many options including staking, farming, borrowing and mortgage.

It is one of the strongest platforms.

How to join Earn Finance?

If you want to be a part of the winning fundraiser community, make sure