Yearnify Finance (YFY) Bringing Value To Decentralized Finance Ecosystem – Token Pre-Sale Is Live | Sponsored – Bitcoin News

Yearnify Finance is considered as one of the most innovative sources of passive income by most of the investors. It has drawn attention due to its potential high returns and extreme security majors.

What is Yearnify Finance?

In this article, we will provide detailed information about Yearnify Finance and its overall aspects.

Yearnify Finance is a community-centered DeFi-project, modeled to take the successful features of Yearn Finance (YFI), and improve upon them, yearnify aims to bring the true value of yield farming finance accessible to all users, yearnify offers the most secure and simple way to earn reliable yields on your assets.

Yearnify is generally a platform composed of the protocols built on Ethereum. It increases the annual percentage yields (APY) of the cryptocurrencies which