Blockchain Capital’s BCAP Token Q3, 2020 Results –

Blockchain based assets are here to stay – accessibility and acceptance of associated services are on the rise.  This was recently made evident when U.S. based Valentus Capital Management, in conjunction with Realio, announced its intent to develop a digital securities platform called Valentus Digital.

Valentus Digital

Powered by a tech-stack developed by Realio, Valentus Digital will operate as an investment portal.  It will provide various types of investors with access to opportunities in the form of digital securities.

The first product scheduled to undergo tokenization through the platform is a $250M fund, built on a variety of assets (including real estate, debt instruments, and more)

By tapping into Realio and its tech-stack, Valentus gains the ability to tokenize this fund.  This is done through the sale of digital securities, known in this case as ‘VAL1’ – each of which will provide its holder with proportionate exposure to the funds underlying assets.

While a partnership between these companies has already been struck, interested investors will have to remain patient.  It is expected that the sale of these digital securities will take place leading up to early 2021.

Wider Net

When discussing the rationality behind tokenization, rather than hosting a more traditional fund, Valentus Digital described the choice as ‘opening wall street to main-street’.  Essentially, the company is looking to cast a wider net, attracting a broader range of investors to its offerings.

Minimum investment requirements are noted as an example of how tokenization allows for a wider net.  This digital fund will see