TrueUSD Rafael Cosman States Spanning Between Traditional Finance and Decentralized Finance – The Cryptocurrency Analytics

TrueUSD is the first regulated stablecoin, which is fully backed by the US Dollar.  TRUEUSD is projected as the new face of money and it is different in several ways.  TrueUSD provides for easy redemption, it is liquid, fully collateralized, ethical, borderless, and transparent.

Of the many ways to make use of TrueUSD, there are some powerful ways in which TrueUSD can be used. It is possible to buy TrueUSD directly.  All you need to do is to create a TrustToken and eventually purchase and redeem with a click.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert opined:  “TrueUSD is available in more than 70 exchanges. It is an ERC-20 token which makes use of the Ethereum Blockchain.”

In cryptocurrency, security is very important.  They have to state that for those who are new to crypto with the yield farming, NFT, DeFi hype, it’s very important to get educated on how to properly secure the digital assets.

Rafael Cosman, CEO of Trust Token expressed how they want to build the future of stablecoins and to be a key part of DeFi. He also pointed to how $DAI minters have started to bite into the $85mm increase in the $TUSD debt ceiling.

He expressed that he is looking at TrustToken’s position as spanning between traditional finance and decentralized finance. Hence stablecoins as well as their upcoming product #TrueFi, this position is more unique- it’s hard to just fork a project that connects to actual banks, borrowers, etc.

He pointed to how they have already been getting