New Bitcoin-Stablecoin Metric Reveals ‘Intense’ Buy Pressure – Analyst – Jollofnews

Bitcoins are the virtual currency system, in which the transactions take place over the Internet. They have a distributed payment method, which requires no intervention of third-parties like a bank or any other central government agencies. Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder of bitcoins, who stated that Bitcoins are digital cash, which can be stored in digital wallets, and the transactions can be made directly between the senders and buyers without any banks in the middle.


Bitcoin Price Index

Generally, the Bitcoins values are given in USD, but the users can also exchange with other base values like Russian Roubles, yen, Japanese, Euro, and British pounds. The market data for the Bitcoin comprises trading volume, daily changes, weekly changes, monthly changes, market capitalization, lowest prices, highest prices, and total supply. To find out the Bitcoin value, you can get the information from renowned Cryptocurrency exchanges like Okex, HitBTC, CoinBase, Bitstamp, Binance, and Bitfinex. By choosing the checkbox options, you will be able to view the price value of Bitcoins. You can also view various views like the Line chart, OHLC, and Candlestick.

Bitcoin metric reveals ‘intense’ buy pressure

A research was conducted in that; it was seen that, based on the new Bitcoin metric, the investors are more interested in buying than selling at $10,000. A new tool for tracking Bitcoin investor sentiment