Pierre Releases Back-To-School Plan; Masks Not Required For Students – The Capital Journal

In Gov. Kristi Noem’s words, “South Dakota took a different path,” amid COVID-19.

There is perhaps no more stark example of this than to consider: At a time when millions of American adults are mandated to wear a mask over their nose and mouth just to go outside their front doors, Pierre School District children will face nothing of the sort upon returning to class Aug. 20.

“Students will be strongly encouraged to wear masks,” the back-to-school strategy Pierre Superintendent Kelly Glodt released at 4 p.m. Friday.

“While we have worked hard to ensure that the at home/online option for all K-12 grade students is as effective as possible, there is no substitute for in-person instruction,” Glodt stated in his letter to parents that accompanied the plan.

“The past four months have been challenging for everyone, and we will have other hurdles to jump as we navigate the school year. That