Crypto-Fiat service Metal Pay adds instant purchases to its iOS app – Crypto News Flash

  • The crypto-fiat service Metal Pay has added instant purchases to its iOS App.
  • This new feature allows users to pay for items immediately and thereby fosters adoption.

One of the industry’s leading crypto-fiat onramps has unveiled a major enhancement of its mobile app. Users logging into Metal Pay’s updated iOS application will find a number of new features at their fingertips. The ability to instantly purchase crypto is the biggest improvement; in the past bank and debit card deposits took time to clear. Now, users can acquire cryptocurrency in seconds and then trade it for other cryptos within the app to build their desired portfolio.

The other significant update to Metal Pay 2.4.0 is unlimited crypto-crypto swaps. This effectively transforms the app into a trading interface, providing an all-in-one portal for crypto purchase, trading, and storage. Users were previously limited to swapping a certain amount of cryptocurrency at a time, curtailing the app’s utility, and compelling them to use exchanges to swap larger amounts.

Performance enhancements and 0% fees

At the start of the month, Metal Pay introduced BTC and TUSD purchases with 0% fees. The latest app update builds upon this capability, enabling the TUSD stablecoin to be used in place of fiat when exiting the crypto market. Users can now swap into the dollar-pegged asset, allowing them to enter the market again the moment conditions are favorable. In a blog post