Market Did it Again, Millennials Once Again? – Bitcoin Exchange Guide

While risk assets are not looking good as investors turn to gold and bond over the fears of the rising coronavirus cases. Worldwide, COVID-19 confirmed cases have surpassed 10 million and 2.6 million in the US.

But yet another stock of a bankrupt company soared more than 180%. In 2020, the hot trick is to go bankrupt and the shares pop.

As we reported, earlier this month; Hertz, Pier 1, Whiting Petroleum, and J.C. Penney all declared bankruptcy and their shares surged at least 70%

This hot trend is continuing with German scandal-hit payments company Wirecard, whose shares dropped as low as $1 on the weekend from over $100 less than two weeks back only to jump to $3.37 today.

This pump in the shares of WDI could be a dead cat bounce, a temporary recovery in the price of an asset from a prolonged decline that is followed by the continuation of a downtrend.

There have also been reports that the French payment processor Worldline and other private investors are interested in buying the part of the company. Moreover, Wirecard said it would proceed with business activities after filing for insolvency.

On Thursday, the company filed for insolvency proceedings just days after it acknowledged that the $1.9 billion euros ($2.1 billion) that were nowhere to be found probably never existed.

Wirecard carried out “an elaborate and