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A number of members in the cryptocurrency community, typically people who are paid in crypto assets, have tried a myriad of prepaid cards that can be credited with digital currencies like bitcoin. The following post is a review on the prepaid Visa card in order to give our readers some perspective on how the card operates.

During the last four years, I’ve grown accustomed to leveraging prepaid cards that can be loaded with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum. In the early days, there were only a few cards for U.S. residents. Americans now have few different cards available and the products are issued by reputable companies like Bitpay and Coinbase.

Last week, reported on Bitpay offering its new Mastercard prepaid card that can be loaded with numerous crypto assets. Our newsdesk has also reviewed Bitpay’s flagship Visa card when it launched a few years ago.

This week our newsdesk got our hands on a metal ruby-colored card and tested it out so our users can get a gist of how it works. Unlike Bitpay’s card, in order to get a prepaid Ruby Steel Visa from, an individual has to purchase the token called MCO and