New Crypto Trading Platform Launches with Forex Traders in Mind – Cointelegraph

Forex traders have long been interested in what cryptocurrencies have to offer. There’s just been one problem: they often aren’t available on familiar platforms.

Now, a company has launched a trading platform that unlocks access to crypto-centric products using MT5, meaning new digital assets as well as derivatives such as contracts for difference are available through a tool they know and trust.

CryptoAltum says its infrastructure has been built in response to growing demand from those who, until now, have only focused on foreign currencies. The company also believes the platform will prove useful for traders who want an alternative to buying and selling digital assets on crypto exchanges.

Points of difference

The team behind CryptoAltum acknowledges that the marketplace is competitive and becoming increasingly crowded. To this end, it has focused on addressing some of the main pain points that traders currently face when using existing platforms.

Know Your Customer, or KYC, checks have been a major sticking point for many — not least because of how entering passport details and identification numbers can be a time-consuming, arduous process. To this end, CryptoAltum says it provides a simple, fast registration process that eliminates as many steps as possible, allowing users to enjoy anonymity.

The CryptoAltum platform has also been optimized specifically to pave the way for seamless cryptocurrency trading, with lightning-fast order executions ensuring that users will never miss a beat when the markets are moving quickly. Leverage of up to