ChangeAngel’s Crypto Mission is worth emulating by Centralized Crypto Exchanges like Binance – The Cryptocurrency Analytics

ChangeAngel’s vision is to always give back to the crypto community. This is a unique vision that you wouldn’t find in any other crypto project. ChangeAngel is a crypto-to-crypto wallet-to-wallet swap exchange that lists cryptocurrency projects that did not conduct Initial Coin Offering (ICO). 

Developers of Non-ICO projects must have gone through a lot of rigor to get the project through development stages. Even after the initial developments there remains the aspect of setting up a legal framework and building a solid community backing for it. It cannot be over-emphasized that for cryptocurrency projects, initial development is only the beginning of a very long journey.

This is because security updates and other forms of developmental updates are needed if a blockchain will stand the test of time. Each of the stages mentioned is time and money consuming. A developer may be able to sacrifice sleepless nights to achieve his goals, but huge and continuous financial inputs are needed if his vision will stay afloat. 

ChangeAngel: The Angelic Rescue

This is where ChangeAngel’s mission comes in, it gives a portion of its exchange fee back to the development of the project from which it is collected. This thus encourages the developer and in a way further pushes the adoption of cryptocurrency.

Another core attribute of the exchange is that it is not so hasty to onboard just any blockchain project. Each potential project passes through scrutiny before listing. This is done to ensure that customers are protected and give support or illumination to deserving