Stablecoin Market Cap Hits Record High Above $11 Billion: 100% Growth In 4 Months – CryptoPotato

The stablecoin market continues to see explosive growth this year, hitting record highs. Findings reveal that the total supply for all stablecoins has surpassed the $11 billion mark, doubling its value since February.

100% Growth in 4 Months

The market cap for stablecoins was just a little above $5 billion in January, and the number grows to $5.65 billion in February. Following the bloodbath in the crypto market on March 12, the stablecoin supply record unprecedented growth, racing to $10.4 billion in May.

According to data on Messari’s Stablecoinindex, for the first time, the total value of assets for all stablecoins has surpassed $11.28 billion, representing 100% growth in four months.

Tether USDT Dethrones XRP

As expected, leading stablecoin Tether (USDT) is responsible for a large portion of the market growth. Data suggests that USDT controls about 87% of the total stablecoin market supply.

In the second week of February, Tether’s market cap was only $4.66 billion, representing 82% of the market share. The stablecoin issuer started its printing spree after the March crash. CryptoPotato reported that Tether Treasury minted as many as 1.6 billion tokens in April and 480 million tokens in the first week of May.

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With its asset currently valued at $9.88 billion, according to Stablecoinindex, USDT has become the third-largest cryptocurrency in the world, dethroning XRP for the first time. If Tether continues this parabolic run, it could threaten Ether’s position as the second-largest crypto asset