Almost half of all PAX stablecoin transfers linked to ponzi: report – Decrypt

Stablecoins have come under fire over the past year from global regulators who warn that these cryptocurrencies could be misused for nefarious activities. Perhaps none more so than Tether, which is often pegged as the bad boy of Bitcoin’s gang of stablecoins.

But compared to Paxos (PAX), Tether might come off looking squeaky clean.

According to the latest State of the Network report from crypto analytics firm Coin Metrics, the Paxos stablecoin is tied to some major (alleged) ponzi scheme activity.

“At first, Paxos appears to have a broad active user base,” the report stated. “However, looking at the top transactors on Paxos leads to an interesting discovery: the two most active accounts on Paxos are linked to MMM BSC, a ponzi scheme which underwent an exponential growth in activity in the past year.”

PAX transfers involving MMM “ponzi.” Source: Coin Metrics

PAX transfers involving the alleged crypto ponzi MMM BSC, an offshoot of the MMM Global scheme launched by Sergei Mavrodi in 2011, peaked at almost 16,000 transactions in late May. This problem isn’t a PAX-specific one, however, as 80% of USDT issued on the Tron blockchain (which is just a sliver of outstanding Tether volume) is tied to ponzi scheme payouts, according to