This cryptocurrency platform sells you “digital dollar” and gives you 5% of your investment: how you can take advantage of it – Explica

From the different restrictions established by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic and the Government to discourage the purchase of US dollarsMany people began to see the possibility of maintaining the value of their savings in that currency complicated.

However, a cryptocurrency platform confirmed that it will provide a 5% monthly return in dollars for those users who use their services for the first time.

It’s about the Bitso – platform to buy, sell and use cryptocurrencies- which has just announce that new users who deposit 100 DAIs on their platform and save them until June 30 will receive 5 DAI reward.

The company detailed that deposits can be made between June 1 and 7 (11:59 p.m.) with application up to the first 1000 participants.

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