Lanner Serves up a Virtual Glimpse of the Power of Predictive Digital Twins – AiThority

  • Simplified interactive challenge puts simulation to the test
  • Digital brewery gives understanding on the impact of digital twins
  • 16 million combinations of improvements and upgrades

There’s no reason why profits within your own virtual brewery should be anything but flowing, thanks to an interactive microbrewery game created by digital twin specialists, Lanner.

The Digital Brewery Challenge has been created, using Lanner’s pioneering WITNESS predictive digital twin software, to provide a hands-on glimpse at how simulations can deliver advantages for businesses through virtual experimentation of their processes before rolling them out in the ‘real world.’

As global leaders in digital twins and simulation, Lanner has a customer-base including Ford, Nissan, Diageo and OneWeb Satellites.

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Accessed via, the challenge invites people to become the owner of their own microbrewery. Having secured £60,000 in investment funding, you are tasked with making the necessary changes to maximise weekly profits and have access to the brewery’s digital twin to test your ideas for improvements.

“We’ve replicated the sometimes very limited information that owners might have access to if they have any form of monitoring system throughout their process. Ultimately, this limited information can cause people to invest in areas that are not critical to their business performance when considered in isolation. The game allows players to analyse the system as whole, understand the balances and trade-offs in play and discover investments that make the highest