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With the Bitcoin halving just weeks away, and …

With the global monetary system potentially facing an existential crisis …

Here’s where each stands today …

Bitcoin (BTC)
Rated “A” for Adoption and Technology, “B+” overall
Long-term Portfolio Allocation: 25%

A decade ago, Bitcoin created a decentralized monetary system and declared independence from any institution, both public and private.

Now fast forward 11 years; what do you see?

First, you see Bitcoin functioning as a fully digital payment system owned and controlled by absolutely no one.

Second, you see how that unique feature has propelled Bitcoin’s growth from zero to a worldwide asset currently worth approximately $121 billion.

Third, you see that new challenges have emerged … new blockchain technologies have been created to address them … never-before-imagined possibilities have burst onto the scene … and the crypto-asset industry that Bitcoin launched has moved far beyond the simple peer-to-peer payments it once aimed to revolutionize.

Nevertheless, you also see a world where Bitcoin continues to set the standard against which all other cryptos are measured. It continues to be a pivotal portal into the world of cryptocurrencies. And it’s far and away the most well-known.

Separation of Money and State

Ironically, many outside the crypto world have failed to fully grasp what makes Bitcoin unique. They seem to think that the only difference between Bitcoin and traditional currencies, such as the U.S. dollar or pounds, is that its digital.

Not true! In fact, approximately 91.7% of the world’s money also exists in digital form.

What truly makes Bitcoin unique is that, unlike traditional