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Stablecoins aren’t exciting. They don’t pump, moon, or 10x. And yet they have the potential to make traders more money than any other cryptocurrency. These stabilized tokens – usually pegged to the US dollar – scarcely move in price, and yet they’re pivotal in anchoring the crypto markets. Here’s everything you should know about the new class of stablecoins.

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The Price of Stability

Bitmex Research: New Data Supports Noble Being Tether’s Primary Reserve BankTether, the best known stablecoin, is often the second most traded crypto asset after bitcoin. Traders routinely trade in and out of it as they attempt to outmaneuver bitcoin’s price swings. When the markets are down, some will remain in the safety of tether for weeks, venturing back into “proper” crypto only when there are signs of recovery.

Tether is a highly controversial stablecoin, not because of how it works, but due to questions over whether it’s actually dollar-backed with fiat reserves, but that’s a debate for another